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18 Things You Miss About The University of Warwick Now You’ve Graduated

Now your time at Warwick has come to an end, it’s hard not to think about all the things you miss.



1. Studying on a beautiful green campus with wildlife all around you.

You even miss the sound of geese honking. Kind of.

Feeding the ducks – my kind of Saturday #rowdy #ducks #whosagoodbirdy

A photo posted by Daniel Takel (@dan_takel) on

2. Being baffled daily by the wacky artwork around campus.

It's a beautiful day to be on campus! 🌞

A photo posted by University Of Warwick (@universityofwarwick) on

3. And the confused look you got when you tried to explain the Koan to outsiders.

It glows at night and spins, and is rumoured to be run by tiny gnomes 🤔

that koan though

A photo posted by lou (@loualbl) on

4. The smell of purple.

Cider + beer + blackcurrant = magic.

Last drinks at Warwick before the summer 😢 will miss the aftertaste of vomit #goodbye #drinks #vomit #warwick #theend

A photo posted by Anthony O' Malley (@anthonymaom) on

5. And the special relationship you truly believed you had with Disco Dave.

He always played your tune when you tweeted him ❤️💔

6. One word: circling.

Your Wednesday nights will feel a bit empty for the rest of your life.

POP! Week 2 & our members are out in full force 💪🏼 #purple #chickenonesie #grapeseverywhere

A photo posted by Warwick Mixed Hockey Club (@uwmxdhc) on

7. Enjoying being in the middle of the country, whilst basically having Coventry, Birmingham and London on your doorstep.

With a train ticket, the possibilities were endless. It was the best of both worlds.

It's lovely to see the beautiful blossom back outside Rootes halls 🌸🌸🌸

A photo posted by University Of Warwick (@universityofwarwick) on

8. Curiositea.

Caramello and the amusing board outside never failed to make you smile.

9. Living somewhere so small that you couldn’t leave your house without seeing someone you knew.



10. Which is also one of the prettiest student towns ever.

Miss you, Leam.


A photo posted by @stubarno on

11. All the great food options on campus.

From Dirty Duck to Bar Fusion, Varsity and Bread Oven.

Get in ma belly! #amecon2016 #barfusion #dimsum

A photo posted by Lizzie Barnes (@a_redheads_ramblings) on

12. And going on Arts Centre trips.

£6.50 student tickets for the biggest arts venue outside of London? Ummm yes please.

First week at Warwick ✅ although SOMEONE wasn't impressed by the #WarwickKoan

A photo posted by char (@charlottembp) on

13. Having so many options for societies to join.

There are over 250 clubs, who knew?



14. And living in a place where it’s fine to wear your exec hoodie every day.

And your exec polo, and waterproof, whilst carrying your exec bag…

Come down to the sports centre and visit our stall! We will be performing outside 10:45am – 11am! 🤗🎉

A photo posted by Warwick Tap (@warwicktap) on

15. You probably don’t miss the struggle to find a seat in the library, but you’re definitely missing their sassy Twitter account.

You’ll probably still keep retweeting them anyway #neverlettinggo

16. And you loved hearing about campus drama.

The U1 was HOW late? The SU did what?



17. Seeing the Warwick Rowers out and about.

Now all you have is their calendar.

18. But most of all, you miss those moments when exams were finished and you could just enjoy Warwick in all its glory.

Swear this is not a catalogue pic 🍃 #vscocam

A photo posted by Finn🤓 (@yb_finnlee) on

Life at Warwick was great, but your life as a graduate can be just as good.

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