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16 Things You’ll Really Miss About LJMU When You Graduate

Through the good times and the bad, LJMU has never once let you down. Here are just some of the things you’ll really miss once you’ve graduated.

1. Sunny days on campus.

@chunlei_z 龙哥秒赞呀

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2. And the Superlambanana.

#LJMU #superlambanana #liverpool #tb

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3. Random nights out at The Pilgrim.

Where you may or may not see your lecturers. 🙈

Back in my uni town for a book event

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4. Impromptu trips to Starbucks in Redmonds Building.

Chilling in Starbucks 😍☕️ #Starbucks #friends #chillin #blackandwhite #coffee #uni #Liverpool

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5. And friendly* housing wars between Kensington and Sefton.

*not really



6. Weekends at Pop World and The Krazyhouse.

There’s no point pretending you won’t miss them.

7. Getting lost in the John Foster Building.

Worth it, really. 😍

A quick view inside the John Foster building, this is what you new students will be getting ready to see!

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8. How proud the uni is of Liverpool’s cultural heritage.

9. Quiz nights at The Font.

10. Having the Everyman Theatre on your doorstop.

11. Visiting exhibitions at the Bombed Out Church.

Out of the Darkness #Liverpool #TheBlitz #70thAnniversary #bombedoutchurch #StLukesChurch

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12. Proudly participating in the feud between LJMU and UoL.



13. Living a stone’s throw from Liverpool’s best tourist attractions.

One love❤️

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14. And graduating in this beaut of a place.

#Liverpool #cathedral #church #arch #worldcaptures #architecture

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15. You’ve been sound, LJMU. 👏

Beautiful view whilst looking after the degree show for the afternoon #Liverpool #lsaddegreeshow #ljmu

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16. We’ll miss you.


Let's do this Liverpool #Liverpool #liverpooljohnmoores #universityinterviewnumber2

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