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9 Struggles All Naturally Thin Girls Will Understand

If we could change, we would.

1. Hearing “Omg you’re so lucky, what’s your secret?” basically every day of your life

If you think constantly talking about the British weather is annoying, put yourself in our ‘too big for our feet’ (see 3) shoes. There is no secret, people! In the words of Lady Gaga ‘I was born this way.

2. Buying clothes is a nightmare

Anything too tight and we look like we’re going straight through the pavement cracks. Paradoxically, anything too baggy and thick makes us look wholly out of proportion, particularly our teeny tiny heads. Seasonal shopping is a horror. First world problems don’t come any more severe than this.

3. Dolly shoes are the only footwear you can successfully pull off

Footwear is the bane of our lives! Boots? We may as well be standing in buckets…buckets that flap around our ankles like a bird on take-off. How about trainers? Once again, utterly ridiculous clown shoes that seemingly have a place on everyone else’s feet but our own. As for heels, we don’t want anything else making our legs look longer and more stick-like than they already are, thanks. Our shoe collection consists of dolly shoes, dolly shoes and more dolly shoes.



4. Oh, and you can forget about jewellery too

Bracelets, watches, anklets, rings. Buying kids sizes is the only feasible option, mainly because you cannot take anymore rungs off your adult watch. That, and the thickness of them makes your wrist look like its encased in handcuffs, encouraging even more people to try and fit their whole hand around your arm…which they always can. Grand.



5. Eating healthily is difficult when you don’t have weight as a motivator

Our outward appearance is merely an illusion. Look deeper into our anatomy and, well to be honest you wouldn’t be able to see very far past the fat clogging up our blood vessels. Where others can visibly see the effect their nutritional choices have on their body, we have to make assumptions or simply bury our head in the ground and continue on in utter denial. Pizza for breakfast, lunch and dinner sounds a fine choice!

6. Bra straps

Push up bras are pretty much useless when the bra is too low down our body to hold anything, let alone boost them! And having to constantly lift the straps back onto our shoulders becomes a very tedious exercise after so many years.

7. Boniness

There’s a good chance that cats hate you. They’ll go for the person with a bit of extra padding. Ask a thin person if they are a dog or cat person, and it stands to reason that their response is almost always dog. That said, you’re not actually even allowed to sit on anyone, because apparently bony arses are not comfortable either.

8. Dancing is your worst nightmare

9. And of course, people always feel the need to comment on your eating habits

“You need to eat more.” “Are you eating enough!? Here have some of mine!”

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