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Living In a Student House Vs. Halls

Which is better? You decide.



1. A dynamic, lively environment Vs. A quieter, more relaxed one.

One gives you the fun and entertainment; whilst the other at last gives you sleep! And a lack of mess to clear up the next morning.

2. The excitement of meeting new flatmates Vs. Choosing who to live with.

Halls can go one way or the other. You can make friends for life, or you could spend a year in the darkest depths of hell. That’s not to say you won’t move into a house and actually decide you intensely dislike your choice of housemates, though.

3. Lots of flatmates Vs. A smaller number of people under one roof.

There’s always someone to talk to in halls, and you’re never short of meeting new friends (guaranteed, your place will be inhabited by more than just your flatmates) but the walls are usually paper thin – we all know what that means.

4. Numerous flights of stairs Vs. Just one… if you didn’t get ground floor, that is.

But hey! At least halls has lifts.

5. Dull, discoloured walls with solid doors that require years of weightlifting to push open Vs. A mouldy house that has only slight architectural benefits.

Given, halls is somewhat reminiscent of a prison in layout and lacklustre paint. And not forgetting the repulsive silverfish infestations that take place in every nook and cranny available. So whilst having a house gives you the mild décor advantage, paying for heating soon takes its toll. Start investing in quilts and blankets!

6. Monitored behaviour Vs. Slightly fewer restrictions.

Referring back to the prison point, there’s never an un-big brotherly moment in halls – security guards everywhere and random room inspections that leave you wondering why you ever left your nagging parents. On the flip side, it’s never great when your landlord rings you about house viewings, and then there’s the risk of not getting your deposit back…

7. Living in close proximity to everyone Vs. Being spread out.

Ok so you need to walk five minutes to Richmond Street, hang a left and keep going until the bend in the road where you will see a church. Turn right and… Far more complicated than simply stating a particular building that everyone knows or happens to live in, too!

8. Mess Vs. Well… mess.

Unless you choose very wisely, chances are you will end up sharing your home with various forms of filth bred bacteria. Some halls are lucky enough to have cleaners but generally more people = more mess and cleaners are necessary. However if it gets too bad, be prepared for cleaning refusals. It’s not a job one person can tackle alone.

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