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The 9 Stages of Having a Long Distance Relationship at Uni

Being in a long-distance relationship is difficult, and whilst absence does make the heart grow fonder, it also greatly tests your patience. FaceTime conversations will literally make you want to desperately clamber through the screen, whilst ‘what about the uni experience?’ is a phrase you hear day in, day out.

However it’s not so bad. All you’re truly missing out on are embarrassing walks of shame, a poor individual getting the wrong end of the stick – cue stalkers, and awkwardly bumping into people in the street. Even so, prepare yourself for arguments and loneliness, but also the positives – like being able to dance around your room in your underwear without being judged.



1. The initial range of emotions

There’s so much to do when you first start university – packing, buying things you previously took for granted (like cheese graters and spoons) and wondering how you’re going to decorate your bedroom. It’s incredibly exciting and you can’t wait for the independence. Except all your other half can think is that independence means one thing – you’re going to gradually forget them until one day someone else will come along and sweep you off your feet.


2. “LIFE IS AMAZING, UNI IS AMAZING! Who are you again?”

Okay so their concerns may have been legit. The first few days of freshers are so overwhelming that your ‘home life’ becomes something of myth. Texts are left forgotten due to hectic settling and communication may wane. Your new flatmates are awesome and all you want to do is spend the time making BFFs. Finally you have your freedom.


3. “I miss you so much”

A few days have passed and suddenly it hits. You miss them terribly, all you want is a spoon. Before you know it you’re planning your wedding and post-uni plans. Forget their aggravating habits, this is for life now. Should you quit and move in with them? No don’t be ridiculous, you’re just homesick.


4. But then you realise how amazing it is to have your own space

You were always mocked for your love of Madonna, and this way you can stretch out in your not-so-luxurious halls of residence bed without being kicked or shoved over. No snoring and no horrible sweaty body pressed up against you in the night. Scrap the wedding, independent living is the one.


5. Then they come to visit

You can’t wait to show them all your new ‘haunts’ and the Chinese that does the BEST duck pancakes. You’ve turned down a night out so you can look fresh upon their arrival and have even thrown a blanket over your Madonna CDs… no bickering today!


6. After seeing them you’re reminded how great it is to be in a relationship

You’ve never been so ecstatic to see someone and are already dreading the day they leave. The idea of them meeting your flatmates seemed like such an exciting prospect a week ago but now why can’t they all just go away so you can be alone, jeez!



Pure. Heartbreak. WHYYYYY!!!??? Cue stage three all over again… but worse. Now you’re definitely going to have to leave, this pain is too much to deal with all the time. You beg for them to stay but of course they can’t. Luckily it only takes a few hours to reach stage eight…


8. You have space in the bed again and it’s LUXURIOUS

Ah, heaven. You still miss them, but only as much as you missed being able to do your own thing when they were here. Now you can relax and enjoy your own taste in films again.


9. You go home for reading week and it’s all too much. “GET ME BACK TO UNI”

You need time to yourself, why can they not understand that!? Being in the company of the same person constantly really is a drag, and you have to do what they want to do all the time. No longer the free spirit that found it fine to order dominos at one in the morning, or roll out of bed and get ready in your own time, it’s back to the life involving relationship regulations. Deep down, you know you wouldn’t have it any other way, though.



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