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8 Situations Only Socially Awkward Students Will Understand

Introverts, shy people, mute-heads and anti-socials are just a few of the more popular terms many use to refer to us. Life can definitely be a bit more interesting for us as we face day to day situations that simply go over the heads of most other people.

Warning: A lot of the following content may cause high levels of ‘discomfort’.

1. Avoiding eye contact at ALL costs.

This type of situation usually occurs at the most inconvenient times. For instance, right after you’ve come from a lecture and your tutor decides to appear at the same empty bus stop as you. Or you’re left alone with someone you just met and just don’t know what to say or do.

So the easiest call to action is pretend you didn’t see them. Right?



2. Having to persevere through the Awkward Silence.

This always happens when pretending you didn’t see someone fails. I mean, after you’ve discussed how bad the weather is and what you both did that day, there’s nothing else more to say, is there? You even start battling through in your mind for a conversation topic, but it just won’t come out, and if it does it’s usually something you want to take back. Immediately.



3. Battling through dreaded classroom warm up exercises, or worse still – group work.

As much as we should be used to these by now, that dreaded stomach churning feeling will NEVER die. It usually happens in your first introductory lecture of the year; when your tutor asks you to walk around the room and introduce yourself to more than 2 people.


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4. Holding onto your friend for dear life at parties because you don’t know anyone else there.

It’s always worse if your friend is popular or a major socialite, and you don’t want to be the ‘clingy friend’, but hey what can you do? The invisible handcuff that has tied you both together can only be released once you leave the party.



5. Having to say “Don’t leave me” every time you go on a night out with friends.

This is simply mandatory, and stands as the greatest test of your friendship once these three words have been said.



6. Your mobile phone is your saviour in ALL awkward situations.

This is applicable to all the listed situations so far, and the most commonly used one. It’s always the best time to look through your pictures or text your friend rubbish when they leave you for 10 minutes in a room full of strangers, or if you happen to have your lunch the same time as nobody else.



7. Dealing with the morning after.

Those of us who dare to channel our alter egos through alcohol on a night out usually find we become EXTREMELY confident and social. This doesn’t end up working in our favour when we bump into the same people we were dancing with the next day.

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8. Simply not understanding social norms.

Why can’t we just be left alone?

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