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24 Little Struggles That Will Make Your Working Day a Living Hell

Whether you like your job or not, these daily annoyances will undoubtedly get to you.

1. Trying to catch up to someone on your way into work, but the door closes behind them just before you reach it. 

2. This

AMC / The Daily Touch

AMC / The Daily Touch

3. Making a cup of tea in morning only to realise that someone has used your mug

4. And then you touch the bin with your spoon

5. When your computer is as slow in the morning as you are

6.Making eye contact with someone in the toilets

7. And finding that there isn’t any loo roll left

8. When the printer jams



9. And the photocopier and the shredder and the laminator. Because anything that can possibly jam will do so when you use it.

10. Opening an email attachment instead of previewing it, meaning you have to wait for Word to open just so you can close it again.

and now we wait

11. Having to endure office chit-chat 

12. Realising that the lunch you prepared the night before is still in your fridge at home



13. Spending half of your lunch hour in a queue

14. Seeing your boss at lunch, panicking and inviting them to join you

15. Getting caught on a door handle

16. Sending an email without the attachment

17. When post-it notes just won’t stick

18.When the coaster sticks to your mug

19. When you accidentally hang up on someone while trying to transfer them

20. When 5 minutes lasts an hour

21. Dropping your pen in a meeting

22. Accidentally opening a hole punch and getting paper everywhere

23. Spelling someone’s name incorrectly in an email

24. When technology just doesn’t do what you want it to

But hey, there’s always Friday. 



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