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32 Instagrams That Prove The University of Manchester Is The Best Place To Be a Student

Manchester has the largest student population in Europe. You only need to look on Instagram to see why.

1. The University of Manchester is a great place to be a student.

So much so it attracts 40,000 students every year, following in the footsteps of renowned alumni Professor Brian Cox, Benedict Cumberbatch and many others.

2. The campus is extensive and certainly one to be proud of, made up of over 245 buildings.

You better grab yourself a map!

Good morning! Bask in all that sunshine ☀️☀️ #unilife #studentlife

A photo posted by International Society (@internationalsociety) on

3. Some of which are genuinely stunning.

4. The award-winning Whitworth Hall will make you feel like you’ve stepped into a scene from Harry Potter.

#graduation #UoM #intercultural communication

A photo posted by -Yuchen Yao (@rainy_1020) on

5. You’ll enjoy getting lost in the enchanted world that is the John Rylands Library, with over 4 million books to choose from. 

Happy #nationallibrariesday to @thejohnrylands. #librariesday

A photo posted by The University of Manchester (@officialuom) on

6. Alan Turing, the father of computer science was a Reader in Mathematics at UoM in 1948.

#universityofmanchester #manchester #bestofmcr #university #college #campus #walkingaround #sunshine #sunset

A photo posted by Arthur Yushi (@arthuryushi) on

7. Students at the university are well catered for. The SU is the biggest in the UK.

8. Home to 4 live music venues. 

Wolf Alice✨

A photo posted by Tyler Valentine (@tylervalentine) on

9. And at the end of every term the SU hosts Pangaea Festival.

Which is basically the biggest and best fancy dress event you could ask for.

Classes are going great, thanks! #exchange2015

A photo posted by Natasha G (@natgoum) on

10. With over 89 teams across 36 sports, there’s an activity on campus for everyone.

11. And plenty of opportunity to go off campus too.

The SKUM society certainly know how to make eventful memories on the slopes.

Loving life in Les 2 Alpes #SKUM #les2alpes ⛷

A photo posted by Phoebe Roth (@phoebecharlotte94) on

12. If you like giving back, there are so many volunteering projects to get involved with.

And it's a wrap! SO proud of our amazing work at Heaton Park! Best way to end #SVW2016 ! #universityofmanchester #volunthero #volunteering #UoM2016

A photo posted by Uni Of Manchester Volunteering (@uomvolunteering) on

13. Vimto was born here.

Last lunch by the Vimto 🍒🍇🍓

A photo posted by jennifer (@jennshaw) on

14. The Alan Gilbert study centre is open 24/7.

15. So you can make yourself at home any time of the day.

Let's take some photos while everybody is studying 👀 #University_of_Manchester

A photo posted by Rawabi Alwanin 🎀 (@ro0ry) on

16. And if you’re getting brain drain, there are sleeping pods to help you recover.

17. The Whitworth Art Gallery is just a stone’s throw away from the SU.

A photo posted by paulrailton (@paulrailton) on

18. There could be worse places to take your exams.

Half down, the other half to Go #finals#exams#manchester#UoM

A photo posted by Henry Guan😎 (@gsx_henry) on

19. And when they’re all done you can celebrate at Parklife Festival.

Held in Manchester every June.

The Main Stage by night…

A photo posted by Parklife (@parklife_festival) on

20. Yes it rains a lot in Manchester, but when the sun comes out there are deckchairs at the ready.

Enjoy the sunlight whenever we can.

A photo posted by TAY WEI CHEN 鄭偉程 (@weichenn) on

21. Fallowfield is the epitome of ‘student-ville’.

Missed this sacred place #Fallowfield #Manchester #UoM

A photo posted by James Massey (@jamescmassey) on

22. Where it’s always beer o’clock…

23. And home of the infamous Tower Challenge.

Where it all began. T8.16.13

A photo posted by Jacob Glass (@glassjacob) on

24. There are always random surprises popping up on campus.

All the fun of the fair outside @officialuom this afternoon

A photo posted by The University of Manchester (@officialuom) on

25. Some of which are more photo-worthy than others. 


A photo posted by Irfan Razuki (@irfanrazuki) on

26. If you can’t afford the luxury of a taxi, the Magic bus runs all night long. 

#Manchester #WithworthPark #UniversityofManchester #UoM #Snowday #Snow #MagicBus

A photo posted by @ly_dia93 on

27. There a plenty of parks to choose from in Manchester if you’re after a more scenic walk into uni.

28. It’s safe to say the nightlife in Manchester will not disappoint. 

#Solomun + #Dubfire at @alberthallmcr – now on sale.

A photo posted by The Warehouse Project (@whp_mcr) on

29. And you’ll be spoilt for choice when looking for some hangover food.

Manchester really is a foodie’s paradise.

Almost famous trying to kill me with their #burgers again

A photo posted by James Ecroyd (@ecroyd) on

30. The Curry Mile is a thing.

A pretty self explanatory mile-long stretch through Rusholme of the best Indian cuisine you could possibly desire.

Manchester in one photograph. Back to uni I go 🎓📖 #backtouni #currymile #university #manchester

A photo posted by Natalie Hassall (@nataliemariehassall) on

31. There really is no place like Manchester.

32. And UoM is the best part about it. 

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