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10 Nights You Shouldn’t Have Gone Out But Did Anyway

You know you shouldn’t, but after a long 5 minute thinking period you decide the best thing to do is to go out.


1. The night before a long journey

Whether it’s a train, plane, boat, car or horse, drinking tons of sambuca or vodka the night before a long journey will no doubt leave you with regret, and a very uncomfortable travel experience.

2. The night before a deadline

Although a little whiskey in your tea can help keep the dream of handing in coursework on time alive, a night out on the town the evening before due date is perhaps one step too far – unless you’re doing a degree in events management, maybe…


3. The night before your parents visit

There’s nothing more painful than sitting through Sunday dinner, being roasted by your parents with every question under the sun about your non-existent career, when you’re getting married and why they’re seeing photos on Facebook of you hanging off nightclub poles rather than in the library.

Please stop, mum.


4. When you have no money

Should you spend your last £20 on food to ensure physical survival to your next loan, or blow it all on one crazy night out?


5. The night after a big night out

Your body is already wounded from last night’s mad dancing, drunken falls and shot-taking, so what better way to heal it than with another night out, right?


6. When you feel ill

Never mind Lemsip, hot water bottles or paracetamol. The best way to cleanse your body of bugs is a night in a hot, sweaty club!

7. When you’ve been out for a huge meal

If you’ve had a big pizza, garlic bread, wine and chocolate cheesecake for dinner, the likelihood of that not transforming into vomit on a night out is about 1 out of 100.

8. When you’re on an alcohol ban

Whether you’re doing dry January or giving up drinking for Lent; going out sober whilst all your friends are having the time of their lives makes it likely you’ll get tempted and fail your mission.


9. The night before an interview

If you wake up on the floor with last night’s clothes on and pizza in your hair, and your interview is in 10 minutes, it’s time to re-evaluate your life.

10. And whenever you didn’t have a guaranteed ticket

It’s good to be ambitious, reach for the moon and even if you miss you’ll land amongst the stars (unless you queue for a ticket and then don’t get one.. then you’ll land in an awkward taxi home at 11pm).


A wise man once said think before you act, but then again, someone else said you only live once, and they seemed a lot wiser.

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