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10 Things That Probably Happened To You During Freshers Week

As we’re coming to the end of that period where everyone is shouting “DOWN IT” – also known as Freshers – it’s appropriate to look back on all the things that happened to us. Because the Fresher experience is pretty similar no matter where you are.

1. You forgot something of vital importance and only remembered when you REALLY needed it.

2. You cooked the most disgusting meal ever because nothing in the kitchen works the same way as it does at home.

3. And everybody else in your flat had the same ‘disgusting meal’ incident so you all cried, gave in and just order a takeaway.

4. You had a (probably drunken) deep philosophical chat with people whom you’ve known for less than a week. This was probably one of the most enlightening experiences of your life.

5. You got ridiculously drunk on £1.50 pints.

6. So drunk, in fact, that the one-hit-wonder noughties band that your union booked felt like the greatest gig of your life.

7. You were absolutely outraged when you found out that you have to pay to use the launderette. You do 3 washes a day at home, how can they be charging £4 a go?!

8. You reached the point where going out just didn’t seem like fun any more. There’s only so many Jaegerbombs a person can do in a 72 hour period.

9. Somebody ashamedly admitted that going out didn’t seem like fun any more and your whole flat will breathed a sigh of relief at the thought of a night in your pjs with a brew.

10. Your accent was ridiculed by every single person you met. And if you didn’t think you had an accent, you do now.

To be honest, Freshers is not the life-changing week that people make it out to be, it’s just really, really good fun.

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