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12 Things Every Nottingham Student Should Be Able to Say They’ve Done By the End of 2018

There are certain things that you absolutely have to do if you are a student in Nottingham.

They say it’s better to regret the things you did do than those you didn’t. So, if you’re a Nottingham student who hasn’t done any of these things yet, better get cracking.

1. Go to Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem.

It’s cliché and expensive and probably (definitely) not actually the oldest pub in England but it’s a travesty to call yourself a Nottingham student and not have had a pint there.

Tb to the time we drank pints in the oldest pub in england 😎 #coolguy

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2. Sneak into the Ocean queue and don’t get caught by the bouncers.

Don’t tell Andy Hoe. 😉


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3. Take a cheesy photo with the Robin Hood statue and the Nottingham sign.

What else are you going to Instagram when you’re sad and missing student life?

4. Get kicked out of Rock City after telling the bouncers what you really think of them.

Every Nottingham student knows the Rock City bouncers are a special breed of asshole, so when you’re drunk it’s bound to slip out. Fight the system!


5. Down a Jägerpint at Bluebells.

Speaks for itself.

6. Have a house party get shut down by the CPOs.

We all got the letter, we all know the risks.


7. Embarrass yourself drunkenly in McDonald’s at 4am.

If you haven’t broken down crying or started randomly shouting at someone in Maccies you’ve clearly never been really drunk, have you?


8. Pull an all-nighter at Hallward.

Get a Domino’s while you’re there to ease the pain a bit.


9. Visit Nottingham Caves.

Be a tourist in your own city!

10. Take a group trip to Sherwood Forest.

Who knows, maybe you’ll hate it, but at least you can say you’ve been.


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11. Go to a gig at Rock City.

Don’t get kicked out this time.


12. Join a sports team.

Because every Notts students needs a healthy dose of sports team, inter-uni rivalry.


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