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14 Ways To Avoid Embarrassment On Your Graduation Day

Graduation is supposed be an exceptional day sealing the years spent at university. Nevertheless, graduation can sometimes turn out to be an embarrassing memory.In order to have a perfectly relaxing ceremony, you will have to follow some useful rules.

1. Dress too casually

Even if you feel more comfortable wearing jeans or leggings, you need to make an effort for your ceremony. You will have to appear smart. So suit up because graduation only happens once.

2. Customise your robe

Unless you bought it, do not try to modify your expensive robe. Otherwise you might be forced to pay fines. So make sure to take care of your robe.

3. Wear shoes you can’t walk in

No need to wear high heels if you are incapable of walking in them. If you take this risk, you might end up looking ridiculous on stage.

4. Attend with a hangover

You certainly don’t want to spend two hours with a terrible headache. So, do not party the night before. You will have the opportunity to get insanely drunk after your ceremony.

5. Fall asleep when waiting for your name to be called

The ceremony will be very long, and you will have to do your best to stay awake. Wouldn’t it be a shame if you missed your turn?

6. Kiss or hug the Vice-Chancellor

A brief handshake will do.

7. Do an acceptance speech 

This is graduation, not the Oscars.

8. Show off on the stage

You might be tempted to be in the spotlight during graduation, but avoid doing a back-flip on stage because it is unlikely to end well.

9. Take selfies

Instead, ask your friends or parents to take pictures. They will definitely be better than poor-quality selfies.

10. Congratulate someone you have never talked to before

This situation will be really awkward. Hence, congratulate your closest friends.

11. Complain about your final grade

It is too late to reclaim points. So, instead of annoying your lecturer or tutors, just enjoy your day.

12. Get really drunk in front of your family and university staff

This would be really embarrassing to look foolish in front of everybody.

13. Stay on your phone all day

Be sociable during your graduation day. Go talk to your lecturers, have fun with your friends, and meet their parents.

14. Nervously think about your future

Graduation is your special moment. You have to celebrate without worrying about anything. Enjoy the day and celebrate your success with your loved ones. You can sort out your future later.

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