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9 Feelings You’ll Go Through When You’re Offered A Job After University

You have spent months applying for various jobs. After being rejected so many times, you start thinking you’ll never enter the professional world. However, one day, you’ll receive the phone call you’ve been expecting for so long.

You finally got a job! And you’re suddenly hit by these feelings all at once:

1. Shock

Firstly, you can’t believe professionals thought you were qualified enough to work for them.

2. Relief

You have actually have some direction in life. You know what you will be doing for the next several months and the future appears to be a safer place all of a sudden.

3. Happiness

Since you got the job offer, you can’t stop smiling. Nothing can possibly ruin your overwhelming joy.

4. Pride

You have entered the exclusive circle of professionalism and it makes you feel so proud. You’ve come so far! You have all the reason in the world to celebrate this new-found success.

5. Excitement

You can’t wait to start. You’re eager to learn from this new experience.

6. Doubt

You keep checking your e-mails to make sure you didn’t dream up your job offer.

7. Fear

The unknown scares you. You have no idea what to expect, and you’re afraid of being unprepared.

8. Anxiety

You’re constantly thinking about your future job and it makes you really nervous. Will you be good enough?

9. Confidence

But at the end, you feel fully ready to embrace this new, exciting path. You know everything will be fine.

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