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Important Question: What Trainer Is Your Course?

Sometimes the mind wanders as a uni student, and you find yourself thinking of bizarre situations. Situations such as, if your course was a trainer, what would it be?

So, let’s compare the courses to the boldest, stylish, and most common trainers of today.


👟 Nike Air Max 97. 

You’re quite up-to-date and sociable, and you don’t mind bringing back the past to create something awesome (#vintagelover). You come in all shapes and sizes and in different variations. We like you – at least most people do – but sometimes you can go a bit too far with your creativity.


👟 Adidas Stan Smith.

You’re really popular… But only because there’s so bloody many of you. You’re incredibly plain, and people have seen and heard enough of you. There used to be something different about you but now you’re just one among many.


👟 CDG x Converse.

You’re so over the top. You’re really chatty, outgoing, and always happy. Full of love and kindness, you consider yourself the best. The reality being your creators (parents) called you special when you were younger but everyone else considers you as just another one in the crowd.


👟 Adidas NMD.

You’re actually pretty goddamn cool. You’re not like most people, and actually make a difference to what’s out there. There are loads of opportunities for you and the variations of you just don’t stop. You’re recognisable by most, and slowly becoming a statement.


👟 Air Max Spring Garden.

You just have to be different, don’t you? Everyone is staring at you because you’re wearing the latest trend either loved or hated by many. You’re daring and creative as well as subtle. You’re the epitome of marmite: some people love you, some people hate you. But no one can deny that you’re trendy af.


👟 Nike Cortez.

You’ve made your mark and have a casual style that is common and nothing too special. With that being said, people like you, you do a good enough job and, hey, Forrest Gump did wear you.


👟 New Balance 574.

You’re really only good for one thing, tbh. I guess you’re actually good at what you do and people have recognised you, but they’re just slowly starting to get sick of you. You’ve made your mark and most likely you’ve accomplished a lot. Maybe it’s too much and people just find you boring now.


👟 Yeezy 350 Boost.

You’re revolutionary in the eyes of some and pointless to others. You’re quirky and outgoing, and there’s definitely something different about you that makes you stand out from the crowd. People are saying you’re changing the game, you’re unique and popular, but some people despise you because you’re so sought after.


👟 Reebok Ex-O-Fit.

People talk about and to you because you’re so easy to chat to. You’re the sociable one who’s interested in learning new things and jumping to new heights. You make the rounds at uni speaking to different groups, but there are a few people who still haven’t heard of you. Don’t worry, you’ll get there someday.


👟 Puma x Stampd. 

Neat and daring, and honestly not talked about enough. You’re trying to prove to everyone that you’re better, and you do so with hard work assisted by a bubbling personality. Your hard work can get ahead of you and sometimes you’re a little bit crazy, but you’re changing that – good for you! 


👟 Nike Huaraches. 

May the lord have mercy on your soul. You must be the know-it-all and the complete standout in a social situation. “Oh, you study maths? Crikey.” People are amazed you’d go through with it, but at the end of the day, people admire your courage and bravery for powering through.


👟 Converse Chuck Taylor All Star.

You’re just alright, really. You do what you gotta do and do what you want to do. You’re pretty much unfazed by most things, and although people like you, they’re just not crazy about you. We can always count on you to turn up though.


👟 Vans Old Skool.

Easy-going, chilled out, but kinda dopey- that sums you up. You’re a mediocre worker and that doesn’t bother you. You will be found at the house parties; most likely doing something stupid like surfing the ironing board down the stairs. People like your craziness and extreme side, and how you’re always just down for a chat. Can’t say people want to live with you though; you should just stick together.


👟 Nike Sock Dart Breathe.

Constant debates. You’re always trying to make your point, and a lot of people are starting to hate you. It’s not necessarily that people don’t like you. You just made a statement and now you can’t take it back.


👟 Any pair of Umbros.

Lol. Boring. NEXT!


👟 Nike Vapormax.

You’re a little bit flashy, but not so much that people have different feelings about you. People can rely on you and think you’re pretty cool. The worst thing about you is that you actually know you’re cool.

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