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13 Times Adele Perfectly Summed Up Your Emotional Struggles At The University Of York

You may have noticed that Adele has released a new song or something. We don’t know, but people seem to be talking about it. In true Adele fashion, ‘Hello’ is extremely emosh, just like the life of a University of York student. Thank god she was there for us through all of these hard times…

1. When you run to catch the 66 bus and it never turns up. 

No student left behind? Hmm 🙋

2. And the constantly grey York weather starts to drive you a bit mad.

3. When you promise yourself you’ll save money but then you find yourself at the Oki’s van at 4am.  

Not even going to talk about all the drinks you bought leading up to that moment…


4. And the tragedy that follows when you drunkenly drop your cheesy chips on the pavement. 

Only an Adele song can encapsulate the kind of sadness you feel in that moment.

5. In fact, you go out so much the taxi company knows who you are when you call them and the bouncers recognise you when you arrive.  

Well…this is embarrassing.


6. When you have to convince people you’re still sober after several triples at Stone Roses…

7. Then the horror you feel when your friends want to walk across the bridge from pre-drinks to Fibbers or Mansion. 

And it turns out maybe you did drink a bit much…

8. And when you get there you find out they’re no longer letting new people in… 

You try to plead with the bouncer because you’re not ready for your night to be over. They’ll totally make an exception for you, right?

9. When your housemates are reading out a hot Yak and it’s yours.

You just sit there silently 🙊, feeling stressed because it’s probably about them…

10. When you decide to swap your quiet night in with those housemates and spontaneously go to a ‘Willow’ night. 


11. And you consequently have to pretty much give up on any chance you had at doing well this term.

12. Then your seminar tutor points out it’s nearly the end of term…

Which means deadlines. This is the worst 😭

13. But then… when you’ve just been at home for a while and finally get back to York. 

You realise you love it really.

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