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18 Hilarious Vines Every Student Should Watch Before They Disappear Forever

As if 2016 wasn’t bad enough already, Vine is being shut down. So, here’s 108 seconds of hilarity everyone who’s been to uni can relate to.

You’re gonna want the sound on for this oneĀ šŸ˜‚

1. When your friend said they’d done no revision and ~somehow~ got a first.

2. When you’re not really up for participating in the group project.

3. And when you did all the work in a group project.

4. When you were just looking for any excuse to get out of going to your seminar.

5. When you walk into an exam you’re completely unprepared for.

6. But then the only thing you actually revised came up.

7. When you win an argument with your housemates.

8. When you were only at Freshers’ Fair for the free shit.

9. Every time a promoterĀ hands you a flyer.

10. When you really wished you’d been saving your work as you went along.

11. When you write a last minute essay without doing any research or planning.

12. And when you’re really trying to reach the word count.

13. Every time you tried to make it to a 9am lecture.

14. When you developed a new library crush.

15.Ā The day your loan comes in vs one week later.

16. And when you check your bank account after a night out.

17.Ā When you miraculously do better than your friends in an assessment.

18. And when you graduate, but you have absolutely 0 clue where you’re going in life.

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