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18 Times University Made You Realise Just How Lazy You Are

Being a student is all about doing things you wouldn’t get away with once you become a real adult. Like being as lazy as humanly possible.

1. When you had to set multiple alarms to have any chance of getting to your 9am lecture. 

2. Because if you can help it, leaving your bed is never an option. 

3. When you hibernated in your onesie for so long your housemates had to check if you were still alive.

4. That time you realised anything can be a plate if you really want it to be. 

Your laziness has taught you more creativity than your course ever could 😂

5. Literally. Anything. 

6. And that you would even risk injury to avoid washing up. 

Seems perfectly reasonable.

7. When you took the game of bin jenga in your house to the next level. 

You’ll never be the one who gives in and takes the rubbish out.

8. And when you could’ve done the recycling each week but then you just didn’t. 


9. Because actually leaving the house to recycle is too much. 

So close, yet so far.

10. When you were supposed to clean as you went along… 

Fuck the system.

11. Because if you can’t be bothered to clean yourself, how can you be expected to clean the kitchen? 

12. When you could’ve paid attention in your seminar and taken real notes, but listening was too much effort. 

“If I look like I’m writing he won’t pick on me.”



13. And when you rewarded 5 minutes of work with 4 hours of YouTube. 

14. When you realised you’ve spent your entire student loan on avoiding cooking. 


Source: Yik Yak

15. And you pushed the boundaries of what constitutes a balanced diet. 


Source: Yik Yak

16. When you messaged your housemates from your bedroom to ask them to bring you things.

17. And the distance between the toilet and the bin was way too far. 

18. And when you regularly have to take extreme measures to get even the smallest piece of work done. 

Why does a degree have to involve work?! 😭😭😭

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