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20 Before & After Images You’ll Recognise If This Uni Year Has Ruined You

Thank god it’s the summer 👏☀️😴

1. You began the year full of hope and confidence. 


3. And exams. 

4. And the excitement you felt when starting uni was crushed. 

5. Completely. 

6. As was your spirit. 

7. You realised you were wrong to be so optimistic. 

Because you started off going out all the time and then getting Domino’s – only to spend the end of the year hungry and bored.

9. And you probably didn’t achieve many of the things you set out to. 

10. The beginning of the year had such potential.

11. But it didn’t last. 

12. The course was a lot harder than you’d hoped. 

13. Your phone calls home became increasingly concerning as the year went on. 

14. You began to realise you’ve grown older. 

15. And a lot more tired. 

16. Anyone who said uni was easy was lying. 

17. The stress of it really took its toll. 

18. It’s official. This uni year has ruined you. 

19. You feel like a different person. 

20. And definitely need the summer to recover. 

At least it’s finally over 😅😅😅 

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