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24 Instagrams That Prove The University Of York Is The Best Place To Be A Student

You’ve probably always known York is the best place ever, but now we’ve got the Instagrams to prove it.

1. Both the Hes West and Hes East campuses are really beautiful. 

Walking around campus last week #York #uni #university #masters #UoY #nofilter

A photo posted by Luke Whitton (@luke_whitton_) on

2. Even the shabbier architecture holds up pretty well…

What filter is this?

#York #England #UK #Bike #Bridge #Nature #Picturesque

A photo posted by Brody Honkanen (@brodyhonkanen) on

3. Seriously though. This is basically a work of art. 

4. Plus, campus is constantly expanding. Like the new Environment building and its living wall. 

Our department is cooler than yours #environment #york

A photo posted by @maddy_truman on

5. And since Vanbrugh Paradise was transformed into Greg’s Place, Uni has looked even prettier… 

quite cool

A photo posted by Jasmine Casanova (@jazaroux) on

6. Which has inspired seriously cool photos like this one: 

7. The city itself is absolutely stunning. 

How does anyone come to York for an open day and not apply?!

☀️ #york#beautiful#city#favorite#sunny#yorkminster

A photo posted by Victoria Dent (@vikkirose97) on

8. Even when the weather isn’t exactly on our side.  

As if flooding could ever stop York being the best 💪

被水淹没的城市 还是这么美❤️ #york

A photo posted by @miss_missssss on

9. And the Illuminating York festival is always something to look forward to. 

10. Campus is Instagram-ready in all seasons.

Absolutely love Winter-Spring flowers

A photo posted by Johan Bergström-Allen (@johanballen) on

11. Even when it’s freezing. 

Beautiful morning #uniofyork #beautiful #mist #winter

A photo posted by Vicki Johnstone (@vickijohnstone) on

12. And it’s pretty spectacular at night too. 

Somebody put this on a postcard immediately.

13. You can always find new places in the city to explore… 

14. And spots like this on campus when you want some quiet.


A photo posted by Scott Payling (@thebingleybruiser) on

15. Or just to hide from deadlines. 

One week until #graduation! #exit #uniofyork #uoy #secretgarden

A photo posted by @imkevanheerden on

16. But if you do have to get work done, the library isn’t so bad really.

The view from the library tonight is a little bit awesome. #Uni #UniversityOfYork #Awesome #Sunset

A photo posted by Rachel (@rjames1996) on

17. We’re well known for sharing our campus with A LOT of birds… 

I hate the geese😩😂 #pleasemove #york #uoy

A photo posted by Jess Jackson (@butimjustjess) on

18. But sometimes they’re actually kinda… cute?! 

When they’re not busy terrifying students ofc 😁

19. We know how to throw a celebration 🎉

Like Freshers’ and the Summer Ball.

@yorkunisu @uniofyork #bigtop #UniofYork

A photo posted by Elliott Duke (@elliott.duke) on

20. And there are always cool places to go for a drink in town. 

Never too early for a cocktail

A photo posted by mazbelucky83 (@mazbelucky83) on

21. Usually with a great view of the Minster. 

Pretty beer terrace 🍻

A photo posted by Beth Ward (@bethhward) on

22. Which looks stunning from every angle btw. 


A photo posted by chenqinyi (@chenqinyi_) on

23. Basically, York is so amazing – it even makes mornings bearable. 

24. So let’s just never leave? ❤️❤️❤️

#YUSUBigTop #UoYFreshers #LoveYork

A photo posted by YUSU (@yorkunisu) on

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