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24 Reasons Why You Probably Grew Up Wanting To Be Like Rory Gilmore

Coming home to watch Gilmore Girls was everything, and Rory Gilmore will always be goals 👌

1. She taught you it was totally OK to love books.×10-but-not-as-cute-as-pushkin

2. To like, REALLY love books.

3. And everyone in her small town knew how she felt about reading. 



4. Because she never pretended to be someone she wasn’t. 

Even on stage at her high school graduation.

5. She was a really good friend. 

“You look too good for him.” 👭

6. Even to people who hadn’t always been kind to her.

7. She was relatable to anyone who’s felt shy growing up. 



8. And she was definitely a bit awkward.

9. But she taught you to stand up for yourself anyway.

10. And not to care too much what people think.

11. She ate a lot.

12. And felt no shame about it.

13. 💁👏

14. She taught you to work hard to get to where you want to be. 



15. And she took getting her homework done more seriously than her own mother did.

16. She was the grown-up of their relationship half the time. 

(The best mother-daughter relationship ever, btw).

17. But she knew how to have fun.

18. And how to get revenge on boys for being rubbish.×06


19. You definitely had to watch her go through her share of heartbreak.

20. And crises.

21. But that was a big part of why you liked her. 

Because she was real.×09-ted-koppels-big-night-out

22. She made you laugh.×07-like-mother-like-daughter

23. And cry.

24. And you couldn’t help but want to be just like her when you were growing up. 

(And probably still now) ❤️❤️❤️



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