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24 Tweets About Freshers’ Flu That Will Make You Laugh Through The Pain

This is the end ⚰⚰⚰⚰

1. When you were surrounded by people coughing in lectures.

2. Spreading their plague.

3. Not to mention your housemates.

4. When you managed to avoid it for a while and thought you were safe.

5. But then…

6. It hits you.

7. You didn’t believe the hype. But now you know.

8. And it is very, very not good.

9. When you realise how wrong you were to underestimate it.

10. And that no one is immune.

11. The pain is real.

12. It ruins all your uni plans.

13. And attempts to still go out.

14. Though you still try to live that uni life.

15. This is your reality now.

16. Lectures are impossible to get through.

17. And just embarrassing.

18. You hear rumours that you’ll never fully recover.

19. The self pity is real.

20. But well deserved. Just look at you.

21. When you think you’re starting to feel better but it comes back for round 2.

22. And all you want to do is run home to your mum.

23. Because this is just not what you signed up for when you went to uni.

24. All you know right now is: it’s freshers’ flu 1 – you 0.

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