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25 Things You’ll Really Miss About The University of York When You Graduate

The end of term is this week and graduation is just a month away. Time to say goodbye to York 😭😭😭

Here are all the things that will be hard to leave behind. 

1. The (mostly) beautiful campus. 

Swarthy campus #york #heslingtonhall

A photo posted by Rosie Parker (@rosienp) on

2. 😮

🌈 After the storm, came a calm. No cross, no crown. X

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3. Even Derwent ❤️

My favourite part of campus 2/3

A photo posted by Aurelia Claudia (@caurelia) on

4. Escaping to the less-travelled parts of uni. 

There is always something to be thankful for. #peace #buddha #green #equanimity #mornings #rainy #hello

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5. And the always-Instagram-ready Quiet Place. 

6. Summer barbecues on campus. 

BBQ chilling 🙌✅ #sunfun

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7. And the on-campus events. 

How to own Goodfest #goodfest #sunnyday #goodrickecollege #sabadobonito #sunglassesand fog #groove

A photo posted by Jacob James Turner (@jacobjamesturner) on

8. Your college ‘family’. 

And rivalry with other colleges #goodricketilidie

James College BBQ

A photo posted by Laurence (@le.bradley) on

9. You’ll even miss the geese. 

10. Jk.

Going to university at york

A video posted by Kati Jupp (@katijupp) on

11. 😩😩😩

Defensive parent barnacle geese! #uniofyork #weekendwaterfowl #britishbirds

A photo posted by Duck of the Day: the rejects (@duckofthedayuk) on

12. Studying just a short walk away from this amazing city. 

#york #yorkminster #yorkcitywalls

A photo posted by Gary Scott-Nicholson (@gary_s_n) on

13. And its many landmarks. 

If you didn’t end at least one night out with a drunken walk up Clifford’s Tower to take photos, did you even go to York Uni?

York checked

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14. Chilling in Museum Gardens.

15. And always having loads of choice for places to go for coffee. 

summer vibes in our back garden today 🌞

A photo posted by The Fossgate Social (@fossgatesocial) on

16. Or a pint.

York pretty much has a pub for every day of the year and there are probably still loads you want to check out before you have to go. Good excuse for a York reunion ASAP tho 🍺🍻🍷

Every pub seems to have a nice view of the Minster #yorkminster #york #sheardogskiedit #beer #ale #oldspeckledhen

A photo posted by Fraser Threlfall (@fraserthrelfall) on

17. Being a short train journey away from Harrogate and Knaresborough. 

If you haven’t visited either yet, definitely go for the day this summer before graduation.

Lunch with a view ☀️🍴🍹#knaresborough #castle #viaduct #view #northyorkshire #dayout

A photo posted by Emma Blair (@emmablair__) on

18. Having a messy night at Salvo on a Wednesday. 

Queue for salvo york!!!! #queue #York #salvation #lovinglife

A photo posted by Channy Leathley (@channyischanny) on

19. And getting your photo taken on your way into Revs on a Sunday. 

One of the most important UoY student traditions.

The sociology squad at our finest 👯👯

A photo posted by Robin Grace 🌻 (@robin_cleary) on

20. And ending the night with an Efe’s or Oki’s 😍😍

"Liz, my heels are full of onions!"

A photo posted by Lois Stone (@lois_sto) on

21. Looking forward to the Summer Ball each year.

The heels lasted 2 hours before they were replaced with flip flops #glamour #yorksummerball

A photo posted by Megan Raine-Milbourne (@meganrmilbourne) on

22. Being part of one of York’s incredible sports teams. 

And competing in Roses each year.

23. Having to say goodbye to some of the best uni friends ever.

Planning on hiding in Clare's suitcase when she flies to Uganda today ✈️

A photo posted by Meg (@meg.brick) on

24. And 3+ years of memories.

Three years with these incredible idiots

A photo posted by Astrid (@astridallan) on

25. Thanks York, it’s been incredible.

Byeeeee 😰

In love with campus. #UoY #sunset #lake #reflections #birds

A photo posted by Annie (@anniethepanini) on

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