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28 Funny AF Tumblr Posts You’ll Only Get If You’ve Been To Uni

Tumblr gets it.

1. When you really hated morning lectures.

2. Like. Really hated them.

3. Because “normal” sleeping patterns at uni are just not a thing.

4. When you saw the people who you’d be forced to do a group project with.

5. And, sure enough, they did not pull their weight.

6. But the marker was the biggest snake of all.


7. When the prepared people in your seminars showed you up.

8. When you just weren’t a decision maker.

9. But you learnt to celebrate the small victories.

10. And successful failures…

11. But you knew your fam probs wouldn’t look at things the same way.

12. When your commitment to uni was at the lowest acceptable level.

13. Because studying is exhausting.

14. And you’re 100% done with it.



15. When everything was going well and then suddenly end of term deadlines came around.

16. And the constant long hours you had to spend in the library took their toll.

17. When the group chat was lit af.

18. When exam season nearly broke you.

19. But you managed to look on the bright side.

20. And take precautions just in case.

21. When Christmastime at uni on a student budget just wasn’t the same.

22. When it was make or break at the end of term.

23. But then you finally got home for the holidays and could actually eat properly again.

24. And you made ~so much~ effort to hang out with the uni squad.

25. When the reality of living with student debt, and probable unemployment, hit you.

26. And the idea of being a functioning adult graduate was way too scary.

27. When student life + the thought of graduate life = it’s never too early for a midlife crisis.

28. And when someone dared to ask you about your future plans.

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