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35 Things That’ll Make You Wish You Could Just Go Back to Primary School

Let’s be honest, you probably had a pretty easy life at primary school. 

1. Stationery shopping at the beginning of the year was something to look forward to. 

2. Playing with sand and water was considered part of a lesson.

3. And no assignment was complete without WordArt. 

4. Or deliberately using these to spread glue all over your hands when you were supposed to be making something. 

Then waiting for it to dry at the end of the lesson and peeling it off.

5. The only people you had to keep up with were these guys. 

6. And drawings like this probably counted towards your mark. 

Which really didn’t matter anyway.

7. This was the equivalent of sitting through a lecture. 

8. And mastering this was considered a useful skill. 

And your parents loved hearing you practise…

9. You probably got to take in videos or games on a Friday. 

10. And you didn’t need a gym membership to exercise.

11. Heads down thumbs up was one of the most stressful things you had to deal with. 

12. Closely rivalled by duck, duck, goose. 



13. These were the only currency you needed on the playground. 

14. Or these. 

15. Sneaking these in made you cool.   

16. And being able to do this was essential. 



17. Group projects were chill. 

18. The smallest things made your day. 

19. And this was probably the worst thing that could happen to you…



20. Problems were easily solved. 

Sort of.

21. Realising your mum had packed one of these in your lunchbox was 👌

22. And this was actually an acceptable lunchtime meal. 

23. When you got home you had this to look forward to.



24. Or this. 



25. And you had loads of free time to watch stuff like this.

26. This was how you procrastinated. 

27. Or this. 

28. And the best birthday parties looked something like this. 

29. Or, even better…

30. And they ended with this alternative to a drunken takeaway. 

For free.



31. Deciding who you would send Christmas cards to in the class was serious business. 

32. Though making decisions was made a lot easier by these. 

33. The school disco was the height of the social calendar. 

34. Finally being allowed to write with one of these was considered a massive achievement.

35. And then, in Year 6, it all ended like this. 

The chaos this caused in the playground beats a graduation ceremony any day 😭😭😭 #takemeback


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