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A Cardboard Cut-Out of Margaret Thatcher Was Stolen and Beheaded at Manchester’s Freshers’ Fair

The day got off to a pretty good start for Manchester Conservative Future.

The youth wing of the Conservative Party in Manchester attended UoM’s Freshers’ Fair, excited about the Margaret Thatcher cardboard cut-out they had accompanying their stall.

But later in the day, “revolutionary socialists” Lauren McCourt and Freya Blake were seen trying to take the cut-out from the stall. 

They managed to grab it, run away with it and tear Thatcher’s cardboard head off.

The Mancunion reports that Blake said, “we actually thought it was quite disgusting that it should be allowed in an educational institution. For everyone I know and am affiliated with, she is a symbol of austerity. It’s outrageous that they should be allowed to parade her around when she ruined this country for poor people.”

They continued “it’s awful that these quite obviously privately educated people should be allowed to stand there next to her and try and indoctrinate people with their ideology. As revolutionary socialists we are fighting for the rights of the world’s most marginalised and disenfranchised.”

They added, “we thought it was an ethical choice. We grabbed her and ran.”

“This Tory grabbed me really hard and screamed in my face, ‘what the fuck are you doing?’ I turned around and screamed, ‘get the fuck off me you Tory scum’. Then Lauren ripped the head off Thatcher, we stamped on it and ran.”

Many took to Twitter to commend the move.

But the Chair of Manchester Conservative Future is not amused.

Luke Dyks, Chair of Manchester Conservative Future said “As a society we try not to take ourselves too seriously and have a good time. We bought the cut-out to use as a bit of self parody, to allow any Conservative supporters or opponents to have a laugh at our expense. And over the first day and a half it had had the desired effect. We had received no hostility other than a few sneers and funny looks. Even the Manchester Marxists on the table next to us had seen the funny side and posed for photos.”

The Manchester Marxists Society have stated McCourt and Blake are unaffiliated to their society.

Dyks added, “As a group we are really dismayed that people would damage our property like this… we have a right to free speech around campus. There was no need for this theft; everyone has a right to hold a set of beliefs, no matter how much you disagree with them.”

Blake, McCourt and Thatcher’s cardboard head are still at large.

H/T The Mancunion.

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