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Exeter Locals Want To Ban University Students From Having Cars

Clashes between students and local residents are not new.

The University of Exeter, with its population of 20,000 students, is home to the latest petty battle between members of the public and uni-goers. 

Locals in Exeter have started an online petition and are seeking to completely ban students from taking their cars to university, claiming they are taking up all the parking spaces in town.

The petition has almost 200 signatures so far.

It asks that Exeter University “move to completely ban students from bringing cars with them to university” because “residents [are] being blocked from [parking] spaces for weeks on end.”

One supporter of the petition commented: “there is so little need for students to be contributing to pollution and congestion in our lovely city.”

Another said: “residents must take priority over students concerning car parking spaces.”

Some are suggesting that students should only be offered a place at the university if they agree not to bring a car. 

Exeter Express and Echo, a local newspaper, is leading the petition and claim that Ward Councillor Peter Ward is in full support of the idea. Reportedly, Ward even wants the university to edit its admissions criteria to stipulate that a student can only be offered a place if they agree not to bring a car.

Similar bans are already in place at other top universities. 

The University of Cambridge doesn’t allow students to have a car within 10 miles of the uni and fine students up to £175 if they break the rule. The University of Nottingham also doesn’t allow students to have a car within 15 miles of campus.

An Exeter resident said, “If Cambridge can do it so can Exeter.”

The petition has caused debate on Facebook, with students saying it is unfair to just blame them for the problem. 

Some accused residents of making “sweeping generalisations” against students in the area. One student commented: “If a student is living in a house why don’t they have a right to park in their own street too? The problem is too many cars IN GENERAL. Not students.”

Another added: “Students pay rent just like everyone else”

What do you think? Should locals be able to stop students parking near uni?

Should students be banned from parking in Exeter?

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