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Here’s The Complete University Guide’s 2018 University League Table

The Complete University Guide has released the results of its university league tables for 2018.

They measured universities based on 10 factors, from student satisfaction, to graduate prospects and student-staff ratios. Each university is then given an overall score, out of a maximum of 1000. The only university to achieve a perfect 1000 score was the University of Cambridge.

Here are the top 20 universities for 2018:

1. University of Cambridge

Overall score: 1000

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2. University of Oxford

Overall score: 998

3. St Andrews

Overall score: 962

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4. London School of Economics

Overall score: 952

5. Imperial College London

Overall score: 925

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6. Durham University

Overall score: 920

7. University College London

Overall score: 909

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8. University of Warwick

Overall score: 896

9. Lancaster University

Overall score: 889

10. Loughborough University

Overall score: 883

11. University of Bath

Overall score: 868

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12. University of East Anglia

Overall score: 853

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13. University of Surrey

Overall score: 851

14. University of Exeter

Overall score: 850

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=14. University of Leeds

Overall score: 850

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16. University of Birmingham

Overall score: 836

17. University of Bristol

Overall score: 834

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18. University of Nottingham

Overall score: 825

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19. University of Sussex

Overall score: 817

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20. University of York

Overall score: 814

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You can view the full league table here

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