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It’s Official, You Should Move To Manchester After You Graduate

For the second year in a row, Manchester has beaten London and been named the best UK city to live in.

Of 140 world cities, Manchester came in at 43rd, with London trailing 10 places behind at 53rd.

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Manchester has climbed 3 places in the rankings since last year.

The annual Global Liveability Ranking by the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIUn) scored cities for lifestyle challenges and took into account health care, education, stability, infrastructure and culture and environment. London maintained the position it held last year due to increased threat of terrorism and petty crime in the capital compared to Manchester, which has gained 3 places compared to 2015.

The survey only studied Manchester and London of the UK’s cities, but proves that when you leave uni or are looking to move away from your parents’ house, you shouldn’t necessarily choose London by default.

Manchester has great transport infrastructure, culture and is currently seeing a property boom.

The city was rated particularly highly due to the growth it is experiencing. So, it just might be the perfect place to go if you’re deciding what to do next once you’ve graduated.


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The survey’s findings were echoed by Luke Gibson, who went to King’s College London, “I went to university in South London and, as rents are expensive in the city centre, I found it hard to travel in London. Whereas, in Manchester, there is a compact city centre and much more affordable housing. Travelling by tram is easier and quicker.”

Theo Chung, who moved to Manchester after graduating from the University of Leeds, was also unsurprised by city’s high rating, saying “Manchester has a great culture and thriving music scene. It also has a thriving media and tech industry, and was the birthplace of the industrial revolution.”

Meanwhile, Helen, who graduated from Durham University, says “I never wanted to go to London, as I thought it would be too big and overwhelming. I also wanted a change from living in the south of England. I find Manchester a good compromise, as the city centre is easy to get around and cheaper, but still has all the benefits of city life.”

The three most liveable cities were Melbourne, which came out on top, followed by Vienna and Vancouver.

Which of the cities would you rather live in?

  • Manchester
  • London

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