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Several UK Universities Have Already Announced Tuition Fees Over £9000

Royal Holloway, Durham, Kent and Bishop Grosseteste University have announced they will raise tuition fees for students starting in 2017.

This autumn, UK and EU students applying to study full-time courses at university may find they will be charged £9,250 a year. This is, of course, not as significant as previous fee increases, but would potentially mean students studying three year courses would graduate with £750 more debt.

Parliament has not yet finished debating plans that would allow universities to raise tuition fees, so it is unclear whether these institutions will be given permission to go ahead with the increased charges. It also means that more universities may be yet to announce tuition fee increases.

John Pugh, Liberal Democrat education spokesman has said fee rises are “not a done deal”. He also criticised the “disgraceful arrogance” of universities who have announced they will raise them ahead of Parliament’s decision.

Sally Hunt, general secretary of the University and College Union (UCU) has also criticised the move, saying: “Those universities foolish enough to advertise higher fees will be doing nothing to quell concerns from students and parents that they are simply after as much cash as they can get.”

You can see the higher tuition fee listings as shown on the universities’ websites below. 

Royal Holloway University.

Durham University.

University of Kent.

Bishop Grosseteste University.

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