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14 News Stories You May Have Missed From Freshers’ Week 2016

For the past couple of weeks, new students have been making their way to universities across the UK for Freshers’ Week.

It’s been eventful, so we’ve rounded up all the biggest campus news.

1. Ahead of Freshers’ Week universities warned new students  about a “rash of unofficial Facebook groups”. 

The Daily Touch discovered instances in which different accounts were posting identical messages in multiple Facebook groups – posing as freshers and attempting to engage with them in order to sell tickets to events run by external companies.

screenshot / via

screenshot / via

University of York’s Students’ Union said, “We combat those we are able to, but often the people setting these [groups] up run pretty sophisticated operations and know how to get past Facebook’s regulations… The advice for students is, as always, to remain vigilant and to double check the information you’re getting.”

Read the full story here.


2. A cardboard cut-out of Margaret Thatcher was stolen and beheaded at Manchester Freshers’ Fair. 

The youth wing of the Conservative Party in Manchester had hoped people would “have a laugh” with their cut-out of Thatcher, but “revolutionary socialists” Lauren McCourt and Freya Blake were not impressed. They stole it and ripped Thatcher’s cardboard head off – describing it as “an ethical choice” because of what the Conservative PM stood for.

Read the full story here.


3. The Chuckle Brothers were a hot topic on Twitter, because of their appearances at Freshers’ Week club nights. 

4. This student’s hilarious university card found him Twitter fame. 

5. An Exeter University Snowsports social made news for all the wrong reasons.

Students were seen wearing t-shirts with racist and anti-Semitic writing on them.



A spokesperson for the University said: “The University does not tolerate racist or bigoted behaviour in any form. This is the first we knew of this and shall be launching a full investigation.”

Read the full story here.


6. And a student halls of residence in Bristol had to be evacuated because of a sudden water, electricity and internet blackout. 

First club night for Bristol SU, beach party at SWX #bristolsu #freshers #freshersweek #freshersparty #beach #bristoluni #bristoluniversity

A photo posted by University of Bristol (@universityofbristol) on

According to Epigram, freshers were kicked out on their second night at the uni – and though many were booked taxis to hotels, an estimated 50-70 students were forced to spend the night on people’s floors and sofas.


7. A new student tweeted an email exchange she had with her future roommate – showing exactly what it’s like to get stuck with a nightmare flatmate. 



One email began, “I’m not gonna settle for anything less than what I’m gonna tell you that I’m gonna get once I arrive in the dorm,” followed by a strongly-worded list of demands.

You can see the emails and read the full story here.


8. And this student took flatmate confrontation to a whole new level.

Living with other humans is hard, everyone.


9. The University of York launched their first ever consent classes for freshers alongside a fire safety talk this week.

But over a quarter of the students in attendance walked out.

The lake on campus west this morning #sunshine #nature #campus #uniofyork #centralhall #lake #geese

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Nouse reported that third year “activist” Ben Froughi distributed flyers telling freshers they had no obligation to stay for the consent talk and spent time encouraging many to leave.

You can read our feature by York’s Women’s Officers on why they believe consent talks are essential, and should be at every Freshers’ Week, here.


10. Stickers were distributed on the University of Leicester’s campus by far-right group National Action, reading “One day the world will know that Adolf Hitler was right!” 


11. Cambridge University released a guide for freshers from 1893 – written by an undergrad student that year. 

Much of the advice holds true today, including: “Don’t, if you are in lodgings, get too familiar with your landlady’s daughter,” – or, in other words, don’t sleep with your housemate.

This story was reported by Metro.


12. NUS officers shared their advice for new freshers.

via NUS

via NUS

We asked them what their biggest regret about uni is, what they wish they’d known when they were students and what they might’ve done differently.

You can read what they had to say here.


13. Britain’s youngest major became a fresher at Hull University, where he is studying Politics. 

Terrence Smith, mayor of Goole, is 19.

According to the Guardian he’s missed Freshers’ Week though, as he had to attend the Labour party conference.


14. And finally, this student had a particularly exciting Freshers’ Week – he set fire to his room in halls. 

Joe Moss told his followers that the fire was caused by him leaving a hairdryer in his room. He claims it wasn’t switched on, but was plugged in, tweeting “left a hairdryer on my floor and went out and came back to find my room up in flames”. Joe has since been given a new room, but has lost all his clothes and things he took to uni with him.

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