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The Wildlife Trust are Hiring a ‘Hedgehog Officer’ And It May Be The Cutest Job Ever

Just in time for graduation.

Wildlife Trust are currently advertising a job with the title Hedgehog Officer and it sounds ideal.

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They want someone to become “the face of hedgehog conservation”. 

The goal in creating the post is to make Ipswich, where the role is based, the most hedgehog friendly town in the UK. So you’ll be monitoring hedgehog activity in the area, working with local communities to make the streets safer for hedgehogs and raising awareness for the initiative.

Oh, and they’re offering £24,000 a year. For you to hang out with hedgehogs.

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Unfortunately, to earn the title of Hedgehog Officer you do actually need some qualifications, like experience in ecological surveying and conservation activities. Apparently thinking hedgehogs are really cute isn’t enough. But it’s worth a shot, right? You can apply here.

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