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These Are Officially The Highest Paying Graduate Job Roles In The UK

If you’re looking for a job after uni, or trying to decide on the degree course that will leave you in a good position once you do graduate, salary can be an important factor. 

Glassdoor, a jobs and recruiting site, has released their list of the highest-paying graduate jobs in the UK.

Graduates who land jobs as Analysts, Consultants and Software Engineers are likely to be doing pretty well – as all three roles pay more than the UK’s national average salary of £27,600.

But, interestingly, two of the top 10 pay just £20,000 – below the average graduate starting salary of £22,500 per year, for those in full-time grad jobs.

The study also confirms that students with degrees in arts and humanities may be worse off after graduation, while salaries in London are shown to be up to £1000 a year higher.

These are the top 10 highest-paying graduate jobs in 2016: 

1. Analyst – £34,366.

Analysts working in London – £35,204.

2. Consultant – £28,891.

Consultants working in London – £30,103.

3. Software Engineer – £28,370.

Software Engineers working in London – £29,460.

4. Mechanical Engineer – £26,949.

Mechanical Engineers working in London – £27,405.

5. Engineer – £26,500.

Engineers working in London – £26,390.

6. Software Developer – £26,000.

Software Developers working in London – £ N/A.

7. Civil Engineer – £25,000.

Civil engineers working in London – £26,000.

8. Structural Engineer – £24,993.

Structural Engineers working in London – £25,438.

9. Management Trainee – £20,000.

Management Trainees working in London – £ N/A.

10. Recruitment Consultant – £20,000.

Recruitment Consultants working in London – £20,300.

Jon Ingham, careers and workplace expert with Glassdoor, said of the report: “While it’s not just about money, knowledge really is power when you are job-hunting.”  

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