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This Student Wants You All To Stop Moaning About Brexit

Three months on from the shock EU Referendum result, Sky News have released a video from a student who is “excited” about Brexit.

In the short video, Tom Harwood talks about “the future that Brexit has opened up”, arguing against “some young people who said this was the end – the end to a free, open, or even prosperous UK.”

Tom thinks Brexit will allow the UK to be “more open to business, more open to other cultures, more open to the world now that we’re not tethered to one declining region.” He goes on to say that because the UK “took back control”, “dozens of countries are now knocking on our door”.

Research suggests that 85% of students voted Remain.

The findings show that 87% of students turned out to vote and, as expected, the younger generation was overwhelmingly in favour of staying in the EU – so this video certainly counters what most students are thinking in the wake of the result.

Back in June, The Daily Touch interviewed some student Leave supporters, and found their Brexit votes were swayed by the feeling that the EU is undemocratic and not as progressive as people often assume. The young people we spoke to who were voting Leave believed it was better to take the chance of leaving, despite the uncertainty of what would happen to the Erasmus programme and the renegotiation of trade deals.

Many took to the comments on Facebook to dispute Tom’s remarks in the video.

One user received over 300 likes for the response: “‘more open to other cultures’? 😂 main reason why people left was bcuz they didn’t want more ‘cultures’ coming in mate”.

Another shared a story of how Brexit will affect their family personally, writing “My son is at university studying with a view to working across Europe after graduating, and his German girlfriend studies in both Germany and the UK with similar ambitions. Try telling them that Brexit is a good idea.” He also suggested that Tom may be “just an actor reading a script”, but if not he is “naive” and “deluded”.

Other comments read “It is so much better to be an idiot – you can see positive things everywhere!”, “rubbish, dumb rhetoric which has no factual justification at all”, “haha what a joke” and “Pass me the sick bucket”.

One user wrote “this guy is a certified shinpad”.

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