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This Student Wrote and Submitted an Essay When Drunk and It Really Did Not Go Well

The uni experience for many students is all about nights out and having fun, as well as studying to get the grade you want – but usually not both at the same time.

Criminology student McKenna Clark has found Twitter fame after sharing a photo of an essay she wrote when drunk.

The tweet read: “PSA: don’t write papers hammered and then turn them in like me🙃”



Apparently, the brief was to write a paper on a crime and describe whether it was “mala en se” or “mala prohibita”. McKenna gave it a go, discussing whether or not it should be illegal to kiss on a train. She began with the strong legal argument “It should be legal to kiss on the train because it is romantic.”

Perhaps realising things weren’t going well, McKenna continued, “Professor Grams, my name is McKenna, I had some Dr. Pepper’s I am doing good.”

She wrote “Your assignment is way too hard. I can’t do it right now.”

After writing a few more words in an attempt to complete the essay she concluded, “You are welcome. Love you.”

After the tweet went viral, McKenna’s friend stepped in to confirm she was genuinely drunk when she wrote the assignment.

“If this doesn’t tell you how fucked up [McKenna] was the night she typed that paper, nothing will”.

McKenna later followed the tweet with another: “I can’t believe I actually sent it in🙃 I can’t do college anymore”.

To which someone replied “so you actually used that and turned it in??” McKenna’s response? “yes”

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