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This York Graduate Wants To Raise Awareness Following Her Cancer Diagnosis

Lucy Shiplee was diagnosed with thyroid cancer three days before she graduated from the University of York in July this year and was forced to put her dream job with The Walt Disney Company on hold to undergo treatment. Since then, Lucy has been recognised by many as an inspiration for her determination to make something positive of her diagnosis.

Lucy is blogging to raise awareness of thyroid cancer and to help young people with the disease. 

Having shared her news via social media, Lucy started to upload videos and blog posts about her experiences. Her goal is to create a support network for other young people struggling with thyroid cancer as it is uncommon for sufferers to be under 35. In her first video she told viewers: “I hope these videos and posts can help young people and if just one person watching my video is helped by this, then I’ll be really happy.”

Is this how you normal neck?! #Recovery #PostSurgery #Proud 😂😂💁🏼👸🏼 #selfie

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She has vlogged and blogged every step of the treatment process.

Since the summer, Lucy has undergone surgery to remove her thyroid, had radioactive iodine treatment and will be on medication for the rest of her life. She has shared her journey in the hope of educating others, so that less cases go undetected for so long and to inform those yet to undergo treatment.

In 2014, Lucy worked as a lifeguard at Disney World Orlando’s Typhoon Lagoon in order to achieve her goal of working for the company permanently.

She also represented the University in national swimming competitions.

Lucy is determined to remain her active, optimistic self and continue her blog. She has received a great deal of support: her colleagues walked the Thames Challenge for Macmillan Cancer Support earlier this month and she has been shortlisted for the ‘Putney’s Most Inspirational Person’ award. 

We spoke to Lucy about her recovery and hopes for the future. 

“At the moment it’s just about adjusting to my new normal and having to accept that recovery is a one step forward, two steps back kind of process. But I still have my Disney dream and I will always be, in some way, working towards that.”

Check out Lucy’s blog to learn more about the cause and show your support by clicking the gif below: 



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