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York Students Are Reacting To The Uni’s Decision To Mark International Men’s Day

On the 12th November it was announced that the University would mark International Men’s Day.

A statement from Dr. Adrian Lee (of the Equality and Diversity committee), accompanying the announcement, read: 

“In academic staff appointments, the data suggests that female candidates have a higher chance of being appointed than men. In the professional support services, there are areas where men are significantly under-represented.”

“The reasons for these circumstances are complex and the solutions will not be found overnight,but we are resolved to address these issues systematically and fairly, in the same way that we approach unfairness and discrimination faced by women.”

University of York students and alumni have taken to social media to raise concerns about the University’s decision.


Some students questioned the lack of diversity on the Equality and Diversity Committee.

But not everyone wholly disagreed with the idea.

An open letter to the University, addressed to Dr. David Duncan (Chair of the Equality & Diversity Committee) and Dr. Adrian Lee has been started. 

The letter is available for staff, students and alumni of the University of York to sign here.

UPDATE: 16.11.15, 16:37

The University has now u-turned on its decision to mark International Men’s Day. The link to their original statement now leads to a response to the open letter. The original statement can no longer be found on the University website.

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