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Every Time Gemma Collins Summed Up How You Feel About University

SO, girls.

1. Trying to wow your course mates with your amazing personality for all the ice-breakers.

2. Evaluating whatever possessed you to move into Halls.

3. That moment you finally have friends to walk into the lecture theatre with.


4. When you finally flip after everyone has been taking the piss out of your hometown

5. The false sense of feeling like you can spend what you want on whatever you want after your student loan comes in.


6. That sudden burst of confidence you get during pre-drinks.


7. Having to deal with that friend that wants to play about twelve drinking games when all you want to do is go out.

8. The first properly messy night out that left you wondering what you have become friends with.

9. Faking your own death the next morning after watching everyone’s Snapchat stories of you.

10. Your first attempt at a 9am lecture after a night-out.

11. Before clicking ‘submit’ on your piece of shit essay asking God for a little extra help.

Via Giphy,com

12. Looking down at your phone to 5000 messages from your seminar group requesting to meet up.

Can we just do this via Facebook messenger, it’s 2017, nobody talks anymore?


13. Talking to your friends about the exact same person you fancy and the exact same situation like it’s new.

14. When you realise what university has done to you as a person.

15. Getting to a place with your friends where you’ll literally tell them anything.

16. And finally, questioning every single day why you don’t just drop out of uni.

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