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10 Reasons Why Living With Housemates Is The Best

Deciding whether to save money and live with your parents can be tempting. But to be honest, it is an absolute no brainer. Here’s why you will be so much happier living out of your parents cost-effective, homely yet restrictive bubble.

1. Housemates would never judge you.

You can do whatever you want, whenever you want, without them batting an eyelid. Chances are, they have done something far worse in the past.



2. But they’ve always got your back and aren’t afraid to tell it to you straight.

Because we all have moments of weakness.

3. You will laugh. A lot.

There’s nothing more entertaining. Something stupid is always happening… just be on your guard.



4. Food shopping is cheap(ish).

Bargain buckets plus communal cooking are key.



5. You make friends for life.

Most likely your house is going to be a dump and you’re going to be continuously cold – not to mention always short of money. But you will go through these trials together and be stronger for it.



6. They understand you sometimes need your own space.

Whether you just need to hide in bed and not talk to anyone or you wish to go out without being quizzed about who you’re with and when you will be back, your housemates get it. They really do.



7. You suddenly have a lot more things.

Your wardrobe has tripled in size, you now have an Xbox and your DVD pile has increased tenfold.

8. Movie nights are frequent. 

Just like how they know when you need your space, they also know when it’s time for junk food and films.



9. Someone is always up for a drink.

10. There’s basically never a dull moment.

You doubt you’d make it through uni without them.

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