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11 Signs You’re The Pushover of Your University Friendship Group

It is common knowledge that if you are a certain kind of nice, people are going to start taking advantage of you. But at university, where money is tight and morals are low, this is even more common.

Every friendship group has a pushover. Chances are it’s you. 

1. You’re pretty much an unpaid servant for the house

Without even realising it, you are suddenly a chauffeur, a cook, a cleaner, a personal shopper and a butler.



2. You have the ground floor bedroom 

It had to be someone, so it obviously had to be you.

3. It’s your Netflix account everyone uses

Just because you might not own an iPad or notebook to add your Netflix account on to, does not mean that you won’t in the future. Don’t let your scraping friends take your allowance.



4. You deal with ALL the bills 

You’re a bit good at maths, so you can spend hours ensuring that each person in the house pays the right amount. And then you can spend further hours sorting it out when the various companies get it wrong (after all it’s your name on the bill, so it would confuse the matter further if your hosuemates did it).



5. You take notes in lectures for friends who can’t be bothered to attend

They clearly have a far cooler life than you and couldn’t possibly find the time to attend their actual commitments. Either that or they are really hungover. Just because you are slightly worried about taking full advantage of your university fees, does not mean you have to teach the whole syllabus to your skiving friends.



6. They steal your library books

It was you who spent hours searching for them. And it was you who lugged them all the way back home. Yet, when you come to use them, they are no longer on your desk!



7. You save seats for them in the library

Yeah sure, it’s fine to keep an eye on your friends’ belongings while they go off and have a two hour lunch break. It’s not like you need to pee or anything!



8. They’ll probably use your printer credit or ink at some point

Your friend will fail if they can’t print and hand in this assignment. So of course they can use your printer. But when you come to print yours, it turns out that there is no ink, no paper and no way you are now going to hand in your own assignment on time. Cue panic.



9. It’s always your round

You are meant to take it in turns, but somehow your friends always ‘forget’ or ‘have no money left’ or ‘was sure they bought it last time.’ It’s safe to say that it’s your round, every time.



10. And you’re always the wing-man. Even when it comes to people you like.

You would be the perfect girl/boyfriend… you are selfless, loyal and great to hang out with. But unfortunately most people put you in the friend-zone straight away. So much so, you are actually helping that person you are in love with, get with other people.



11. It’s your job to look after drunk/hungover friends

You might be drunk/hungover yourself but you just can’t help it. Your instinct is to assist those in need. And those pale, shaking, life-hating buddies of yours who have vomit patterned prettily down their front, really really need your help.



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