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12 Problems People Who Are Always Late Will Understand

It isn’t easy being this late all the time. Give us a break.

1. You always just miss your train or bus.

However early you leave, it’s no good, you always always manage to miss it. And not, even by long. As if to taunt you, it waits to depart, until the exact moment you arrive on the platform, panting and red in the face.



2. You always have a stitch.

As a constant reminder of your wrong doing, your stomach is always in pain.

3. And are constantly forgetting things.

As you are always in a rush, you are never prepared and there is always something that gets left behind. Normally the most vital thing.



4. Your friends tell you to turn up 20 minutes earlier than everyone else.

They know what you are like so plan ahead for your lateness. But this means, on the very rare occasion that you are actually on time, you have to hang around by yourself for ages.



5. You’re hungry all the time.

Being in a hurry means there is never enough time to eat. And if you do manage to grab something, you normally have to eat it while walking so you get indigestion instead.



6. Your friends are always late when they come to see you.

They call it payback, you call it petty.



7. People may not think so, but you do feel bad for not fulfilling your promises.

You always say you will be there early next time you meet. And you really do try. But it turns out, you lied.



8. Walking into crowded rooms with everyone staring at you.

Lectures are the worst for the perpetually late person. Why is the door always at the front?



9. You spend a fortune on taxis.

You plan to leave with enough time to walk. Then you tell yourself, you will get the bus. But eventually you miss that as well so you have to resort to phoning a taxi to ensure you turn up vaguely within the hour that you agreed to arrive.



10. You often miss out on important information.

Whether it’s vital tips about a test from your lecturer or some exciting gossip, everything seems to happen in that first few minutes. And you always miss it.



11. But more importantly you’re always just too late for Happy Hour. 

By the time you eventually arrive at an event, everyone is already horrendously drunk. Guess you will just have to start pre-drinking in the taxi.



12. As a result, people are constantly telling you to buy a watch.

Every day! You have a watch! Problem is you just don’t look at it.



They just don’t understand…



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Want to write an article like this?

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