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15 Things No One Tells You About Studying Primary Education

Primary Education is one of those degrees that people don’t really see as being a real degree. Apparently all we do is primary school stuff and colouring in.

But here is what it is really like.

1. There are SO MANY modules.

Oh you have 3 modules this term? Poor you. Try 8.

2. And some of those modules are on subjects you will inevitably hate.

There’s a reason I gave up PE aged 13. Yet somehow I am still doing it aged 21.

3. And each one has an assignment.



4. It’s more ‘hands on’.

You’d think this would be fun. It’s not.

5. You have to turn up to every lecture.

No hungover days for you.



6. And you also have to contribute in every single one.

Even when you don’t understand what’s going on.

7. You have to hand in your notes.

Do you think the lecturers will mind if they’re completely covered in doodles?

8. Some of the books you have to read are so boring.

9. Your appendix is double the size of the essay itself. 

You think you’ve finished but then spend an extra 5 days compiling and presenting all of your evidence into an ordered and neat appendix. Easier said than done.

10. You have to attend placements.

Unfortunately the working world has arrived early.

11. You have to be organised.

12. You can’t take part in anything at uni.

You’re either drowning under a pile of reading and assignments, you’re in a lecture or you are on placement.

13. You have to get more experience on top of your experience.



14. Which means your social life is non-existent.



15. And of course, everyone will probably take the mick out of you.

And yet, despite all this you still get told you are doing a “mickey mouse degree.” I’d like to see you try it.



But you have the last laugh when you’re employed and they’re not.

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Want to write an article like this?

Try it!