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15 Things You Should’ve Done While You Were Still a Student at Reading

It’s already too late for you third years who are just about to graduate. But second and first years, make sure you achieve this bucket list while you still have time.

1. Have a picnic in the Harris Gardens.

The hidden gem of Reading Uni campus that we always boast about. But very few people know where they actually are.



2. Jump in the lake.



3. Have a hangover breakfast in Yolk.

They do the best breakfasts in Reading.



4. Visit the Cole Museum of Zoology.

We actually have three museums on campus (the Ure Museum and Museum of English Rural life being the other two) but this one is the most entertaining. There’s a real human skeleton in there – so that’s what happens if you fail your degree.



5. Have a drink in the Cotton Club.

It’s down at the other campus so it’s always quiet and does really good cake. Win win.



6. Try to find the 6th floor in HUMSS.

Go on, give it a go. But beware, you may never find your way out again.



7. Go to Henley Regatta and Ascot.

They’re down the road and it’s an excuse to dress up and pretend you’re sophisticated. Why wouldn’t you?



8. Cycle to Sonning.

Go into Reading, follow the river. Simple. And it’s beautiful.



9. Go to Reading Festival.

Again – it’s right there. WHY WOULDN’T YOU?



10. Befriend Hugh Dancy’s Father.

He’s a lecturer at the university. Yes really. Please come to visit him, Hugh.



11. Go out every night of the week.

Monday = Q, Tuesday = Sakura, Wednesday = Union, Thursday = Propaganda, Friday = Q (again because we can’t get enough), Saturday = Union.



12. Sneak into Park House Bar.

Yeah for it’s Postgrads but so what? It’s pretty.



13. Have a coffee in Starbucks.

There are 6 in the 5 minute radius of the town centre and every café/catering outlet on campus serves it. Therefore you must drink it.



14. Go to the Showcase cinema.

It’s slightly out of town but bigger, better and quieter. The screens are bigger, there are more of them, the chairs are comfier… did I mention it was better?



15. Manage not to trip at graduation.

Those stairs are so worn down, they could be mistaken for a slide. If you make it both up and down on your feet (and you don’t wander off along the stage searching for another set of stairs that aren’t there) then that’s an accomplishment almost as noteworthy as your degree.



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