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7 Things Students Wish They Had Done Over The Christmas Holiday But Didn’t

Christmas is a time for resting and celebrating. But with the amount of time you’re given, there’s also room for a little productivity, too.

However, all of a sudden you’re back at uni, panicking ever so slightly because you rested and celebrated and rested some more. Where did all the time go?

1. Caught up with Netflix.

So many things to watch, so little time. Ah well, it will be good procrastination when you are attempting to do essays.



2. Seen more of those friends you’ve been neglecting.

You never see them when at uni, so you vowed to meet up at Christmas. But somehow the month has gone by and you still haven’t had a chance to meet up. Guess you will have to go another six months without seeing each other.



3. Eaten less.

Is it even possible to gain 3 stone in 4 weeks? And now there’s no time to go to the gym! Dammit.

4. Sorted out your life. 

These four weeks of relative freedom were the perfect opportunity to think about grad schemes, work experience and sorting out your CV. But no, no… Christmas films were far more important than all that.



5. Saved some money.

Christmas is expensive. What with all the presents, the various meals, communal drinks and events, you literally had nothing for 3/4 weeks of the holiday. Student finance needs to hurry up and come into our bank accounts.



6. Sorted out your sleeping pattern.

You are returning to uni more tired than ever. How has this happened?



7. Work & revision.

You know those three essays you’ve been ignoring for the past four weeks? Well, they’re still there waiting for you… as is all that revision you were going to attempt, and that reading you were going to do. Even opening your books might have been vaguely helpful!



Thanks a lot, past-self.

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