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8 Emotions Students Feel Whenever They See a Graduate

When you catch up with graduates, they may attempt to be painting a rosy picture of their work-filled, slightly more money-earning lives. But you can see what they are really missing out on.

1. Pity.

They actually have responsibilities! Something which is slightly unheard of in student world. Both at work and at home. They cook, they clean, they pay bills… in fact they are starting to sound a little like your parents.



2. A little more pity.

They have more than a few 9ams right now. In fact every day is a 9am. You just can’t be dealing with that.



3. Still more pity.

They can’t have hangover days. If they dare to get drunk, they have to deal with the consequences i.e. still getting up at stupid o’clock in the morning and going to work, despite feeling like death.



4. Even more pity.

Bills are more expensive and the amount of tax they have to pay is genuinely shocking. Ask any graduate – the worst thing about leaving university is council tax. Something you don’t have to worry about for another couple of years yet, thank god.



5. Just never-ending pity.

They have no time! At all. Suddenly all they seem to be doing is working. And when they come home, they’re either thinking about work some more, or sleeping because they are so knackered from it.



6. Sadness. And pity.

They have to actually eat healthily. It’s no good living off of ready meals and takeaway any more because that’s ‘far too studenty’. It’s time to get into good habits.



7. Wait there’s still more pity. 

Lack of a social life. How on earth do they meet people? Just how?



8. Basically, all the pity.

They no longer have the excuse: “I’m a student.” Which works in more situations than you’d think… you just have to feel for them.



Pretty much, being a student is the best. And pity no longer sounds like a real word.

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Want to write an article like this?

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