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8 Expectations of University That Simply Aren’t True

Prior to arriving at university, you are led to believe you are going to live a certain way. Chances are you have been fed a pack of lies…

1. You’re going to spend the whole time drinking.

Unfortunately, if you do that, you probably won’t pass your degree. And your liver might die. Which will lead to your parents killing you for wasting your time and money.



2. You’ll attend insightful and thought-provoking lectures.

Most lectures have the exact same aim as your A Level classes – simply to get you through the exam.



3. You are guaranteed a job once you leave.

This was the bait to get you to attend university in the first place. Unfortunately a lot of fish were snared in the same way so it’s highly unlikely that this will actually happen… one nil to the careers counsellors.



4. You can use your holidays to travel.

That’s what your school told you – to put you off from taking a gap year which would ruin their university applicant statistics. Problem is, you now have no money whatsoever and therefore probably won’t be traveling anywhere in the next 50 years, let alone whilst you are at uni.



5. You can gain experience along the way.

You genuinely think that you are going to have enough free time to work… for free? Dream on.



6. Seminars are intimate and inspiring.

Films portray them as 5 students stuffed into a cute but pokey office having a violent debate about literature while smoking cigars and drinking whisky. In actual fact you will find yourself in a draughty classroom, while the lecturer fires questions at 10 people, who clearly haven’t done the reading and are still hungover from the night before.



7. You will learn how to cook, iron a shirt and basically look after yourself properly. 

Doubtful. Arguably, the only thing you have learnt in the past 3 years is that your parents really do know best and will bail you out of anything from a crushing mountain of laundry to a crippling overdraft.



8. And at the end of it all you will come out the other side knowing exactly what you want to do with your life.



Cue the quarter life crisis.

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Want to write an article like this?

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