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10 Struggles of a Graduate Returning To The Real World After Travelling

You’ve just spent the past few weeks, months or even years having the time of your life. Whether you were interrailing across Europe or volunteering in a remote part of Africa, every day brought new experiences. But you knew you couldn’t avoid the realities of graduate life forever, and the fall back to earth was a little tougher than you expected.

1. You want to go back.

Everything from a gruelling three-day trek through a jungle to that scorpion you ate on Khao San Road is enough to induce nostalgia-fuelled tears. Who can blame you for wanting to jump on the next plane out of the country?

2. You spend all of your free time scrolling through travelling pics and wondering when life got so dull.

Beautiful sunsets and selfies with exotic strangers have been replaced by pics of your dog chasing its tail. It doesn’t take long before every day is #throwback day!

3. The stories you couldn’t wait to tell your friends aren’t met with the reaction you’d hoped for.

Are they just jealous, or is that anecdote about a drunken night in Bangkok just not as hilarious as you thought?

4. “So, what are your plans now?”

The only question your family want an answer to, but how can you look forward when the best experiences of your life are behind you!

5. You have absolutely no money left.

Having blown your budget within the first week of your travels, you’ve spent the past few months eating into your savings. That whole yolo philosophy was fine when you could get a dorm bed for £2, but it turns out things are a lot more expensive in the real world.


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6. With no money, it’s time to grovel for your old stop-gap job back.

Turns out you’re not nearly as motivated to spend 50 hours a week cleaning up after other people now you’re not saving up for the trip of a lifetime.

7. You’re behind in the grad job race.

While all of your friends have spent the past few months slaving away getting work experience, or even securing their dream job, you’re back to square one. And don’t expect any sympathy from them after all the snapchats you sent sipping cocktails on the beach.

8. You try to convince everyone that your travelling experiences have made you a better person/employee.

So you met your new bff carrying a drunken friend home after one too many fish bowls? Clear evidence of your exemplary teamwork skills, right? Wrong.

9. You haven’t missed British weather.

Whether you’ve been sunning yourself on the east coast of Oz, or lugging a backpack through Mumbai, chances are you got used to wearing shorts and sunnies every day.  Compared to that, England might as well be the Arctic.

10. You haven’t found yourself.

So you knew it was a cliché, and you didn’t really expect a full-blown enlightenment, but a little more idea of what you wanted from life would have been nice.

thedt / via

thedt / via

Yet, armed with memories that will last a life time, you don’t regret a second of it.


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