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20 Things You’ll Only Understand If You Studied At Ulster University Coleraine

If you studied at UUC, there are some things only you will understand.

1. Always having to differentiate between which Ulster campus you study at.

Why isn’t there just one?



2. And knowing that everyone has a different opinion on which one is the best.

Coleraine, obviously.

39/366 this place is alright 🙃 // 8.2.16

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3. Because although Magee has this beaut of a building.

4. Coleraine has a gorgeous campus, too.

5. And although Jordanstown is at the coast.

#antrimcoast #universityofulster #researchproject

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6. UUC is also within walking distance to the beach.

going to miss this place a lot #portrush #ulsteruniversitycoleraine 🌅

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7. Belfast might be as Instagram-worthy as ever.

8. But it’s got strong competition.

The new Faculty of Arts is one of the prettiest buildings i've ever been in 😍

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9. Nights out at Anchor.

#anchorbar #pint #beer #ireland #northernireland #portstewart

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10. Or Shenanigans.

via Pop Sugar

via Pop Sugar

11. The joy when you discovered Kelly’s serves food.



12. And the awkwardness of seeing your lecturers wherever you go because it’s such a small place.

It’s all good craic, though.



13. Admittedly, most of the population is over sixty.



14. And it upsets you that there’s no Nando’s.



15. But you know you’re pretty lucky on the student housing front.

If you’re lucky you’ll get a balcony or even a garage!

Till next year Portstewart! You've been good no. 6 #portstewart#university#unilife#universityofulster

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16. You learn to love Toby.

17. And all the taxi companies available to you.


18. Not to mention being able to escape to places like this when uni gets to be too much.

Waterfall break ☀ Return in 7 days! ️ #afterexam #northernireland #ulsteruniversity #waterfall #photographyoftheday

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19. The sadness you feel at the thought of having to leave once you’ve graduated.

20. Because if you’ve understood anything, it’s that you’ve loved studying at Coleraine.



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