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7 Reasons Why Mary Berry Is Your Idol

As the Great British Bake Off returns, so does its star, Mary Berry.

Not just queen of the cake, she is also the master of the facial expression and looks that could kill. There are just too many reasons why, naturally, we all want to be her…

1. She makes even baking-themed innuendos classy.

Not many people could talk about ‘soggy bottoms’ or ‘limp biscuits’ and still retain all their graces. Mary Berry can.


2. She has looks that could KILL A MAN.

You’ll never use shop-bought fondant again.


3. She gets to eat cake for a job.

Be serious, there isn’t a person on earth who doesn’t want that job.


4. The withering, yet oh-so-subtle put downs.

You never knew the words ‘unusual’ and ‘interesting’ could sound so cold.


5. Everyone knows how terrifying she is…

No one would ever mess with her.


6. …But she still knows how to give a compliment.

Only when deserved, of course.

7. And knows exactly when it’s appropriate to get excited about baking.

The bottoms. They’re dry!



We love you, Mary.

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Want to write an article like this?

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