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22 Stages of Surviving Your First Year as a Graduate, as Told By ‘The Walking Dead’

Surviving your first year as a graduate isn’t easy. In fact, you sometimes feel like you’re in an episode of ‘The Walking Dead’.

1. At first, you’re on cloud nine.

You’re capped, gowned and the summer celebrations are well under way.

2. But the stress of realising you’re now just another unemployed graduate soon sets in.

3. And writing CVs and Cover Letters quickly becomes the bane of your life.

4. You start preparing yourself for rejection before you’ve even applied for things.

5. Because you’re feeling increasingly under-qualified when reading through job applications.

6. And frustrated that everyone else seems to be getting their shit together faster than you.

7. You tell yourself that things are going to get better.

8. But you’re starting to feel really left behind.

9. Some days are better than others and you actually appreciate all the free time you have.

10. But most days you’re just stressed at the lack of opportunity.

11. And the fact that you apparently need years of experience for a graduate level job.

12. The excitement of finally making it to the interview stage is almost too much for you.

13. And makes being let down again even more painful.

14. Your patience for everyone’s “I got a new job!!!” Facebook posts starts to wear thin.

15. And you become more and more anxious about how fast the time is passing.

16. You soon start worrying that even next year’s graduates will overtake you in the job hunt.

17. And occasionally wish that you could just go back in time and be a student again.

18. Especially now that you’re worrying whether you even still count as a ‘recent graduate’.

19. You eventually learn to stay positive, though.

20. And accept that not finding the perfect job straight away isn’t the end of the world.

21. Because as fierce as the competition for a graduate job is…

22. You know you’ll stumble across the right one sooner or later.

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