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26 Things You’ll Miss About Glasgow Caledonian University When You Leave

We might be considered the 3rd university of Glasgow but that doesn’t mean we’re not proud of it. Before you know it it’s time for a taps aff summer and TITP, which means only one thing  – graduation. And the reality hits of how much you’re going to miss your Glasgow home.

1. Studying here.

Light and shade in the library.

A photo posted by Julie Adair (@julietadair) on

2. And living here.

#gcu #glasgowcaledonianuniversity #caledoniancourt #homeinglasgow #Scotland #uk #studentsresidence

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3. You’ll even miss your friends from the other unis.

Glasgow with their stunning Hogwarts vibe. Though we’ll always mock their accent.


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4. Strathclyde, with the best union in our opinion.

A beautiful day on campus and the cherry blossom is out! Hooray for Spring!! #StrathLife

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5. And not to mention our mates at Glasgow School Of Art – street party anyone?

6. When Cali puts on a light show.

Caley looking pretty on my way home from the gym tonight 💕

A photo posted by Sophie Bannerman (@sophbann) on

7. Walkabout – our adopted union.

Lunch earlier, gonna miss this when I graduate #walkabout #walkaboutglasgow #glasgow #grub #lunch #sweetpotato #chicken

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8. The countless nights out at this place.

The #garage on #sauchihallstreet #Glasgow. Big car hanging out the building as you do

A photo posted by Andy Barton (@blue_barto) on

9. Or here for some Mulled Bucky.

Mulled Bucky you say. Don't mind if I do.

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10. Dancing under the biggest rotating disco ball in the world.

11. Subcrawls.

🍻 #subcrawl #party #internationalcrew

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12. And ending your nights out here.

We are so glad you came back. 🙏

Steaks at 3am yaaaas 🙌 #steakandcherry

A photo posted by Lucy 🙌 (@lucyintheskywithdiamonds8) on

13. 3am steak bakes.

14. Before being whisked home on the night bus.


A photo posted by Scottish Twitter (@scottishtwitter) on

15. Going to gigs here.

Just hanging out where #alanmcgee discovered #oasis at #kingtutswahwahhut #unrulyineurope #glasgow

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16. Or here, Blackpool Illuminations has nothing on the Barra’s.

Not a bad view from Dear Greens new Roastery! #barrowlands #barras #glasgow

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17. This local celebrity.

18. And what shopping trip would be complete without spotting this absolute legend.


A video posted by Dee (@xdeex) on

19. How Glasgow looks beautiful in all seasons.

20. Relaxing in Kelvingrove Park.

Glasgow sun. #KelvingrovePark #summer #sun

A photo posted by Freddie Gamble (@fjgamble4) on

21. All the architectural beauty, from here…

22. To here.

Beauty of #red in pedestrian tunnel

A photo posted by Kutlu Balcı (@kutbalci) on

23. And all the the street art that comes with it.

24. Getting to say goodbye here.

25. Goodbye, Cali.

Lunch on the steps.

A photo posted by GCU (@glasgow_caledonian_university) on

26. Thanks for making Glasgow our home.

• People Make Glasgow • #glasgow #uk #peoplemakeglasgow #loveuk #scotland #escocia

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